Fatal: Received unexpected end-of-file from server

Got this error today while using PSCP. I was attempting to move a file from my local computer to a remote server that allows only SCP Transfer Protocol. This was the command I was using:

pscp SampleProject\target\SampleProject.war devesh_sharma@

Digging a little bit into the issue, I found that since I intend to use SCP Transfer Protocol to transfer the file to the remote server, I need to explicitly specify the SCP protocol. I changed my command to the one below, and it worked like charm.

pscp -scp SampleProject\target\SampleProject.war devesh_sharma@

Please note the ‘-scp’ in the command. This ‘-scp’ forces the PSCP to use the SCP Transfer Protocol. If not specified explicitly, the PSCP will attempt to use the SFTP Protocol by default.


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